Wednesday, March 12, 2014 is already March

So much for that plan to be better at blogging. I completely skipped the month of February. The last time I wrote, we were in the midst of some inclement weather. When it was all said and done, Amelia missed four days of school, and I missed two. (Fortunately, two of her days were on days I didn't have to teach.)


I can't really explain why I've been absent on the blog. I think sometimes I just don't know what to write about - sometimes, I just want to write about TV shows I watch, if I'm being completely honest. (Parenthood - so good! Parks and Recreation - so good! Nashville  - what happened? How I Met Your Mother - the first half of the season was terrible, and now that it is finally getting good again, it is going to leave! Scandal - I have no idea what is going on!)

Sometimes, I feel like I should write about Amelia. (I think that is all my mother is interested in reading about, anyway - ha!. I'm not sure about my other dozen readers.) She is at a funny age (really, almost every stage has been funny in its own way), and I have some good stories, but then I feel like they are funny only if you hear her / see her say and do these things. But I don't want to forget these stories, either. #thestruggle

I often would like to blog about work - student stories, teaching, etc. - but I have recently been convicted of telling funny or cringe-worthy stories - and let's face it, those are the BEST stories - about my students without their knowledge. That doesn't seem fair. (Would I want my shortcominsg put on display for strangers to wag their fingers and shake their heads about? Probably not.)

So I guess I have felt a bit directionless lately in terms of the blog, but let me at least give you a rundown of our February...

  • We had a good Valentine's Day. Amelia was really into it (candy? pink and red hearts? small gifts of affection? what wouldn't she love about that?), and Darryl did really well. Amelia and I came home to a dozen roses and cards for each of us, and Darryl also bought me this cookbook, which inspired me to try to bake more often.
  • Amelia was in a little musical program at her school. The kindergarten classes sang "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story . So cute.
  • My parents came for a few days for Grandparents' Day at Amelia's school (it was the day after the musical program), and we enjoyed visiting with them. My mother was particularly helpful in doing our laundry, because I had a lot going on. In the midst of the craziness...
  • We took a trip to Disney World. I may or may not blog more about this. Honestly, blog posts that involve photo uploads ALSO make me not want to blog very often. :-/ It was a bit more crowded than we would have liked, but we still had a great time. 
  • And now, for whatever reason, Blogger will not let me write  unless it is in the form of a bullet point. Long sigh. I think that is a sign I should wrap this up.

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Mom/Nana said...

I think that when you are a very old woman, you will not regret that you didn't blog about tv shows more. You will regret that you didn't blog about your experiences as a family.